Please contact us to find out what consumer 1.4G products are in stock at the current time.  Inventory selection and quantities vary widely over the course of the year.  A General or Limited Display License and Permit is required. See our “Shoot Your Own Show” page for more information. We also carry safe and sane fireworks legal in Oregon and available to purchase without a license or permit between June 23 and July 6.



There is limited stock of 1.3G product so call or email to find out what is available.  You will need the appropriate licenses and permits to purchase commercial products.


There is stock on hand for the most common agricultural use fireworks for pest control, etc.   You must have a current license to use Agricultural Pyrotechnic Devices. These cannot be shipped so please feel free to make arrangements to pick up your order in person.

Here is some information from the OSFM Website.

Permit to use for Pest Control or Agriculture Related

Requires a completed application. There is no fee for this permit.

An Oregon permit and a Federal license are required for use to scare away birds or animals that cause harm or destruction to the following types of properties:

Farms, Forests, Waste and recycling facilities, Airports, Golf courses, Properties used for the production of commercially valuable fish or seafood, Estuaries, Properties located outside of an incorporated city.

The Oregon permit is valid until the expiration date unless it is revoked or suspended for a violation. 

Application to use fireworks for pest control or agriculture related