Shoot Your Own Show

Intro:  Did you know that you can shoot your own fireworks show?  Fireworks are legal in the State of Oregon.  There are laws and rules to make sure that we all stay safe and responsible while we celebrate with pyrotechnic displays.   Here are the steps to shoot your own consumer fireworks display (1.4G) in your own back yard or other suitable place.  We are more than happy to walk you through the process and offer any help we can.

  1. Visit the Oregon State Fire Marshal website to familiarize yourself with the process

  2. Get your Limited Operator Certification at least 90 days prior to the date certification is needed.

  3. Get your Limited Fireworks Display Permit at least 15 days ahead of your event

  4. Place your order with

    1. Provide your Operator certification Number

    2. Provide your Display Permit Number

    3. Order your fireworks

    4. Make your payment

  5. Arrange pickup and/or delivery of your fireworks.

    1. Bring your Operator Certification

    2. Bring your Display Permit

    3. Bring proof of ID 

  6. Safely and responsibly shoot your awesome display to the delight of all your guests.